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"Soft Tissues"
Exhibition by Gordon Fletcher, Lancashire MCS.


Soft Tissues is a group of eleven Photoworks, each composed of four images 15cm square. The works explore the relationships between the surface membranes of marine animals and the soft, vulnerable, organic tissues of the human body.

As divers we learn about the susceptibility of the human tissue to diving injuries. Not so much the stings and bites of predators, but more the quiet internal rupture of membranes, the blocking of ducts and the distortion of delicate organs.

It is a strange but logical coincidence of functionality and environment that so many marine creatures have features so reminiscent of our own body parts. In addition, these membranes, nodules, orifices, mantles, tubes, valves, and ducts writhe, pulse and creep in saline body fluids not unlike the salinity of the sea.

Gordon is an MCS member, and a Lecturer in the Fine Art department of the University of Central Lancashire. His background as a Sculptor has influenced the way he looks at the marine environment which has been a major theme in his Artworks for over a decade.

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