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Right: Location of the Piel Channel in Morecambe Bay.

Key to survey data, showing symbols for common plants and animals.

Above: Key to the general profile of the Piel Channel (shown below right).

  A sketched profile of the seabed and wall, showing typical species 
observed at each depth.

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The Piel Channel Recording & Survey Project

Since 1989 supporters of the Lancashire Area Local Group have been recording, and photographing the marine life and habitats in the Piel Channel, a narrow, shallow stretch of water that separates Piel and Walney Islands from the Cumbrian mainland. (See location Fig. 1).

The following is a list of records up to 2011, the vast majority being records from 1991-1999 by Dr. M S Woombs (WAMarine & Environment).

The list also includes recordings from a survey carried out by J.Clare & D.Jones in 1968.(‘Morecambe Bay’. An Assessment of Present Ecological Knowledge. 1987).

Species list for the Piel Channel

A sketched profile of the Piel Channel showing bottom characteristics and some of the typical species.

Above: General profile of the Piel Channel (click for a larger image).

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