Lancashire MCS sets a privacy notice Cookie on your browser (called lancsmcs2018), this is used to hide the Cookie notice after you have had chance to read it; we do not collect any information from this.

Lancashire MCS uses Google Calendar on our Diary page to keep track of upcoming events. If you choose to view the Google calendar your IP and the record of your visit to our Diary page will be shared with Google. We will store a cookie (called mcsgoogle) on your browser when you ask to view our Diary. This Cookie will expire in 31 days, but ensure you don't get asked for consent again until it expires, or you delete it.

We do not currently use Google Maps, but this will be included in similar fashion when these are re-introduced to the site.

Google's Privacy Policy

We trust that the nature of the content on this site will not prove a reason for disquiet that other’s may know you have visited us, but you should be aware of this possibility when browsing, and may wish to learn how to remove Cookies to improve your privacy online:

Some notes about managing and removing Cookies

Newsletter and Blog subscriptions

If you subscribe to our Newsletter or Blog (news pages) we will store the email address and name you provide in an online database. We will not share this information with other organisations without your prior agreement. You can unsubscribe from these services at any time on the same page you subscribed to them on (linked in the footer on every page of this site, and linked from the foot of every Newsletter).

Important note on unsubscribing from the Newsletter: When you unsubscribe from this service your details are moved to an 'unsubscribed' list, where your email address is held as an encrypted 'hash' value in our database. This effectively hides it, so we cannot contact you using it, or even know who has unsubscribed. This will prevent anyone from subsequently re-subscribing you to the Newsletter.

Website Statistics

Our server records visitors' IP addresses to allow us to monitor site usage. We do not have the capacity to trace IP addresses to individual visitors, and do not pass this information on to third parties. Be aware, however, that our server is subject to US jurisdiction, and these data may be made available to the authorities there without our prior agreement or knowledge.