AGM and Zooplankton

April 10th, 2021

Our annual AGM will be on Wednesday the 21st April 2021, at the start of our regular Zoom meeting entitled ‘There’s something swimming in my soup…’. The meeting will look at Zooplankton from around the West Coast of the UK. These tiny animals form a vital part of the marine ecosystem, eating the even tinier phytoplankton, and in turn being eaten by a whole range of larger marine predators.

A 'zoea' larva of the velvet swimming crab Necora puber. Photo BK, Lochaline March 2008.
Many animals start life in the zooplankton – this is a juvenile velvet swimming crab (photo BK, 2008)

A note for the AGM – we welcome input from everyone; but you must be a member of National MCS to vote on financial matters!

Zoom connection details have been sent out in this month’s newsletter, please contact me if you have not received your invitation, and would like to be included in our mailing list!

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