Monthly Meetings

February 11th, 2011

The first two meetings of 2011 were very well attended. They both had quite different themes and each provided all present with a most enjoyable evening.

The January meeting started off with a quick AGM followed by the annual photo. competition. the competition had three categories , Underwater, Above water and Humorous images. Entrants were allowed to submit a total of  four images across the three categories. We had 32 images from 8 entrants, and the winners were:-

Above water, Lewis Bambury. –    Underwater, Mark Piotrowski. – Humorous, Christine Fletcher.

Congratulations to all the winners. (Images can be seen on a previous post).

Janet Preece from Blackpool & Fylde Coll. was the speaker at the February  meeting, the subject of her presentation was marine mammals.  Janet briefly covered the whole range of marine mammals from the small sea otters to the giant blue whales.  Many interesting facts emerged, we heard about the extremely dense fur sea otters have in place of a fatty layer which protects them from the cold and the oily footprint  left on the surface by a sperm whale when it submerges.  Much of the presentation focused on the  sea lions, walrus and seals with the emphasis on the two species of seal, the common or harbour seal and the much more common grey or Atlantic seal  that inhabit our UK coastal waters.  Features to look out for when attempting to identify the different species of the various groups and the many threats to the survival of these animals were explained in some detail.  The whole presentation was both educational and entertaining and fully enjoyed by the whole audience.  Thank you Janet.

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